Under the spotlight – Together Again by Doug Hyde

Doug Hyde - Together Again

This week we’re going to take a look at one of Doug Hyde’s more recent collections – Together Again. For those of you unfamiliar with Doug Hyde, a brief introduction…

Born in Bristol, England, in 1972, he came to art fairly late and has been captivating art lovers with his joyous and distinctive style now for over two decades. 

His unique signature style has earned him an enviable reputation globally and as such his artworks have become highly collectible.

His work has won the hearts of many, including a growing number of household names (Rory McIlroy, Emily Blunt and Roy Hodgson to name a few) and, as the UK’s most popular artist, he continues to create art that brings joy to people’s lives.

In 2021, Doug released a new collection called Together Again, which is a continuation of his signature style. 

This collection features a range of artwork, including prints and sculptures, and several themes and motifs that are synonymous with Doug’s work, such as families, romantic love, and friendship.

Through its bright colours, expressive characters, and heartwarming themes, the Together Again collection captures the warmth and charm that have made Doug Hyde one of the UK’s most beloved artists.

The use of bright colours and lively characters is a common feature in Doug’s artwork, and he has developed these techniques further to create a stunning display of art that is sure to delight art lovers.

One of the remarkable things about the Together Again collection is the way it provides viewers with a pleasing and joyous experience. 

The artwork, as ever, is not just visually striking; it is also emotionally engaging, gently tugging on the ‘heart strings’ whilst filling the heart with a sentimental joy.

Doug has a unique ability to create art that not only looks beautiful but also touches the heart. The Together Again collection is a testament to his artistry, and it is a beautiful addition to his body of work.

When it comes to the Together Again collection, the two pieces that stand out the most are “Family Tree” and “My Sunshine.” 

Both pieces are testaments to Doug Hyde’s unique artistic style, which combines vivid colours, expressive characters, and emotive themes to create visually stunning and emotionally engaging artwork.

“Family Tree” is a print that depicts a tree adorned with a heart-shaped leaves, symbolising the love and connection between family members. In this instance a young boy and his dogs.

The use of hearts is a classic and universally recognised symbol of love, but Doug’s use of it in the context of a family tree adds a layer of complexity and playfulness to the piece. 

In “My Sunshine,” Doug creates a sculpture of a large sunflower providing shade and sanctuary for one of his characters and their dog. 

The bright yellow of the sunflower, along with the red clothing on his character and the brown fur of the dog, creat a striking visual image that conjures up the feeling of a relaxing late summer / early autumn, afternoon and is both visually appealing and emotionally engaging.

The sculpture captures the innocence and joy of childhood, a theme that is often explored in Doug’s work. The piece is a perfect representation of Doug Hyde’s signature style, which combines a childlike wonder with an emotive depth that resonates with viewers of all ages.

In both “Family Tree” and “My Sunshine,” Doug’s use of bright colours and expressive characters creates a sense of warmth and childlike wonder that is both visually stunning and emotionally engaging, as always.

The pieces demonstrate Doug’s ability to capture the essence of human relationships and the joy of childhood in a way that is both timeless and universal.

The collection captures the signature warmth and charm that have made Doug Hyde one of the UK’s most beloved artists.

It is a stunning addition to Doug’s body of work and demonstrates how his artistic style has evolved over time.

While the key themes in the collection are similar to those found in his earlier works, there are also some notable differences. For example, the characters in “Together Again” seem more detailed and expressive than in his earlier works, which adds to the emotional heft of the artwork.

Whether you are a long-time fan of Doug’s work or a newcomer to his art, Together Again is definitely worth checking out.

It is a beautiful addition to any art lover’s collection and is sure to bring a welcome smile to anyone who views it.

The collection is a testament to Doug’s ability to create art that not only looks beautiful but also touches firmly the heart.

Have a look at our Doug Hyde collection here and bring a smile to your face 🙂


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