Leigh Lambert – Biography of the artist

Leigh Lambert is an incredibly talented artist born and raised in the north east of England, more specifically – Newcastle Upon-Tyne.

Leigh’s work is known for its stunning levels of detail and ability to convey familiar story’s.

His talent was recognised at a very early age by his family, friends and teachers at school such was his prolific output of drawings, it is sometimes joked that he was born with a pencil in his hand!

The Lambert family waved goodbye to the north east and moved further south to historic town of Warwick in 1996. Here he continued to develop the unique style of painting that he is now famous for.

His style has hints of Lowry with its cobbled streets and terraced housing, unlike Lowry though, his pieces are punctuated with bold bursts of colour across the drab, grey backdrops and there is a wistful melancholy permeated with the joy of children at play.

Each and every one of Leigh’s paintings has its own unique story to tell, from the bleak but lively neighbourhoods of Newcastle and Gateshead and colourful play of the local children, there is a strong sense of nostalgia and humour imbued as standard.

Around 2002 Leigh started to be more confident in his ability and would create pieces, initially for, friends and family as an outlet for his long loved hobby.

Fast forward to 2005 and he had risen to the lofty heights of the UK’s best-selling published artist! I think you’ll agree, quite the meteoric rise!

In the same year, a report from the BBC news (national, not regional) dubbed him the most popular living artist in the UK.

Following this new found celebrity status Leigh has gone on to exhibit his artwork in worldwide and has become a firm favourite amongst keen art collectors.

The Watergate Street Gallery was bestowed the honour of hosting Leigh’s first solo exhibition, some 15 years ago now, relatively recently if you consider how popular and ever present he is now.

His work continues to conjure up childhood memories and a longing of more innocent times passed.

It’s clear that his passion and dedication to art will continue to inspire generations to come.

If you would like to enjoy his artwork but haven’t yet had the pleasure, you can view all the Leigh Lambert pieces we house here at My Perfect Art by clicking the link here.


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