Paul Oz – Biography of the artist

Paul Oz is an explosive British portrait artist – focused on the maximum 3D impact and energy via the thick oil paint of his artworks.

He has been creating artworks for a variety of acclaimed figures and organisations, such as Sir Alex Ferguson, Theo Paphitis, Roger De Haan, Chris Moyles, Instituto Ayrton Senna, Jenson Button, Red Bull, Pirelli, Lewis Hamilton, Jake Humphrey, Wretch32 and JLS, and is the official licensed artist to Bruce Lee Enterprises, Star Trek, Denis the Menace, Ali, Mr Men and Little Miss, Thunderbirds, and many many more.

Paul Oz is a self-taught artist who discovered his taste for, and artistic skill, while browsing artworks for his new apartment.

As a young boy, he could draw realistically in pencil and was even said to be able to recreate Monet’s distinct painting style, to a degree at least.

His family persuaded him to follow a, supposedly, more academic path than art, and pursue a career as an engineer.

Taking heed of his family’s advice he opted to study Aerospace Engineering at University.

Many years later, while browsing artworks for his aforementioned apartment, a thought struck him: “I could do this”.

At home, he tried his hand with acrylic paint and was quick to very quick to rediscover his talent.

He quickly took on painting over his weekends and eventually took a break from his everyday job in software brand development.

He had a solo show in 2008, however trying to find a balance between his career and his hobby was proving difficult.

Nevertheless, in 2009, he decided to down his ‘work tools’ and to fully focus on using his ‘creative tools’, and he hasn’t stopped painting since, using his favourite leisure time activities, such as watching formula 1 races and movies, as inspiration.

His style is very well received by the very people he likes to paint, as his number of licensed associations above will attest.

Paul’s paintings have an extraordinary and embellished look, earning the interesting title of “explosive“. He strives for the impression of explosive energy, movement, expression and the maximum in 3D effect when he paints – several techniques combining for the stellar end result.

Paul Oz is represented by Imitate Modern gallery and he is currently based in Cheltenham and London, UK.

His list of commissions boast some of the very biggest most prominent names and brands in the world. Have you ever heard of Star Trek or Bruce Lee perhaps? Of course you have!

His works include portraits of public figures, such as the Queen of England, cartoons and toys, and other works inspired by Formula One racing, Team Sky on the Tour of Britain, Chelsea, and The Art of Star Wars.

Paul Oz is an artist who strives for maximum visual impact and energy in his artwork. His distinctive style captures the attention of his audience, making his art very desirable and a wise investment.

With a list of impressive clients, Paul Oz has certainly made a name for himself as a talented portrait artist and sculptor.

Unfamiliar with his work? Take a deep dive of what he has to offer by clicking here.

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