Sherree Valentine Daines – Biography of the artist

Sherree Valentine Daines is an acclaimed British modern impressionist painter. She has been at the forefront of the British art scene for over 35 years.

Born in 1959 in Effingham, Surrey, she started her career as a legal secretary in London before she decided to throw caution to the wind and start on a degree in painting from the Epsom School of Art.

Valentine-Daines’ works have been shown at many of the world’s most prestigious and high-profile venues – the Tate Gallery, the Barbican, the Royal Society of British Artists and the Lord’s Museum to name but a few.

Her pieces are also held in many private collections around the world, including those of the British royal family, former Prime Minister (and Edwina Currie enthusiast) Sir John Major and many high profile A list members of show business and sports world’s.

She has been praised for her ridiculously high technical brilliance, stylistic virtuosity and meticulous observation that permeates her work.

She captures the beauty of everyday British life, from the elegance of social gatherings to the innocence of children playing at the seaside. Her paintings are known for their impressionistic, painterly approach, with each detail carefully blended into a timeless creation.

Valentine-Daines has achieved great success in her career and is seen as the UK’s leading modern impressionist.

You will have seen many of her works presented on the screen as she has been has been featured on television programmes, including ‘To the Manor Bowen’ and ‘This Morning’, and she has even been appointed Artist in Residence to Cunard’s extraordinarily luxurious Three Queens ocean liners.

Her book ‘First Impressions’ was released in 2019 to celebrate her life and career and a series of bronze sculptures from this time have become very highly desired collector’s items, as with much of her work

Sherree Valentine-Daines is a hugely influential figure in the British art scene and her work continues to amaze people all over the world.

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